DJs en Goldman Sachs (English superstylish remix)



A couple of days ago, I wrote about a financial entity that calculates emerging market indexes, I’m talking about JP Morgan; but today I’ll write also about other entity, yet so big so famous, whose trading floor in New York I had the fortune to visit back in 2012 and whose new CEO has the ability, with his index finger and all the other fingers, to manage the crowd in emerging parties. That means he also has emerging “indexes”. I’m talking about Goldman Sachs (hey you, spanish talkers, you must pronounce it “saks” and not “sashs”). Its new CEO, David Solomon, is 56 years old and is a DJ. ¡Wow! I read his nickname is DJ D-sol, just as mine is Kemistry. For all the experts in electronic music, I propose not to confuse it with Solomun nor with Goldfrapp or Sasha. I found it amazing and, very seriously, I would like someone who know him that send him this article and send him my most sincere congratulations. Maybe even we could perform a back to back someday in some club in Brooklyn or in Berlin.


Talking about other stuff, there’ll be today a very famous meeting, not so stylish: in  Banco de la República, our central Bank, its crew will decide all about interest rates and almost everybody thinks they will stay at 4.25%. We have US treasuries at 2.9764%, dollar at 2.883,30 pesos, in Europe interest rates remained at 0% and precisely talking about the old continent, I just wanted to say that their rate for deposits is 0.4% negative. It’s complicated to assimilate all the negative rates concept.


There are many complicated things indeed. That is why we gotta have our mind sufficiently open and clear to assimilate changes, new genres and new structures. The interesting in the moldable. In Bogotá, in Brooklyn, in Manhattan, in Kreuzberg, wherever.



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